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The Precinct Committee officer 

The Precinct Committee officer is the official representative of the precinct to the Republican Party. This is a partisan office established to represent the voters within a specific geographical area.


These duties may take a minimum of twenty hours per year, or a few hours a month.

Ongoing Duties
Attend district and county Party meetings, help formulate policy, and recruit party candidates and volunteers
Support all Republican candidates
Assist with fundraising events, as possible
Distribute candidate information to neighbors
Engage in Get-Out-the Vote activities: register voters and urge voter turnout
Biennial Duties
Conduct a Precinct Caucus
Select officers of the County Central Committee
File for election for Precinct Committee Officer
If this sounds like something you would like to do please check out the column to the right on how to become a PCO.


1.  ​Eligibility & Election

Be a member of the Republican Party.
Be a registered voter in the precinct.
File for election in even numbered years.
If unopposed a PCO candidate is automatically elected, if opposed whoever receives the most votes in the August Primary will be elected.
Serve a two year term starting December 1st following the election.
​2. PCO Appointments

Appointment for open precincts must be after the county reorganization meeting.
Eligibility: must declare to be a member of a major political party, registered voter in the precinct.
Appointment is made by the County Chair and may require approval of the County Executive Board
​3. PCO Captains

If the County Chair cannot find a person with a precinct to serve as a PCO, then he or she may appoint a precinct captain. This individual acts as a PCO but does not live within the precinct.
Same eligibility and process as a PCO appointment except appointee may live outside precinct to which he or she is being appointed Captain.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 293
Oak Harbor, WA 98277

PHONE:  (360) 279-1197 

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